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Innovative calculator that emulates the pen & paper approach to math
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CalcTape is a “pen & paper calculator”. You get a virtual sheet of paper in which you write your calculations, just like you would on real paper, and the program automatically shows you the results. This eliminates the necessity of the “M+” or “MR” buttons as everything is available right in front of you and nothing is lost after a determination is done. The developers claim that this is a revolutionary application and they may be right. The list of advantages of such an approach is long: you can save your work and continue it the next day, add text comments, spot and correct mistakes much easier and so on.

If you have ever used a pen, paper and math, you will have no problem using this program. The interface is clearly organized and tools/options are self-explanatory.

You would probably love the fact that it automatically updates the results. This means that even when you have a long list of expressions that are tied to each other, modifying a number anywhere will have its effect on all the other calculations that depend on that number.

For some reason, advanced mathematical operators are excluded and this could be a disadvantage for some users.

On the developer’s site, this software is marked as freeware, but the fact is that, technically, it is shareware. This is because there’s also a Pro version that is basically the same app, but with unlocked functionalities. Therefore, the free version has many of the functionalities locked and you are able to use them only if you buy a license or activate the 30 day trial. Considering the very low price, it won’t be a problem to buy it if you find the program useful.

Alexandru Andrei
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  • Innovative.
  • Pen & Paper approach is very natural.
  • Ability to save your work.
  • Automatically updates calculations if you change a number


  • No advanced mathematical operations
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