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CalcTape can help you make different kinds of calculations
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CalcTape can help you make different kinds of calculations. In many respects, it’s used like a standard pocket calculator; however, it leaves written traces of the arithmetic process just as an old desktop calculator. The application has a nice modern ribbon-based interface. In this respect, the two most important elements of the main window are the numeric pad and the text editor. Besides, you can edit or compare various documents simultaneously in different tabs. There are also two modes: Calculator and Text Editor.

In my opinion, the most useful feature of this application is that it allows adding a context to your calculations. For example, you can begin writing a document and, while you do it, you have the possibility to insert numbers and relate them using mathematical operators. This way, the program automatically calculates the results of the operations you have created, but much better than that, if you change any of the numbers that form part of an operation, the depending figures will also be updated. Another advantage of this tool is the possibility of defining variables using text, numbers and formulas. Moreover, you can use parentheses as well as trigonometric, exponential and logarithmic functions.

All in all, CalcTape certainly helps you make sense of your calculations better than, let’s say, a standard spreadsheet. Moreover, it’s easier to use. However, this calculator doesn’t allow using complex functions, such as those used in statistics. Besides, it doesn’t support exporting the documents to any format other than its built-in file type.

Pedro Castro
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  • It has a nice interface
  • It leaves a written trace of your calculations
  • It’s easy to use
  • It allows adding context to your calculations
  • It updates results automatically
  • It supports defining variables


  • It doesn’t allow using some complex functions
  • It doesn’t support exporting the documents to any format other than its built-in format
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